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A sneak peek into some of the best places to celebrate Holi

Learn about some of the best places to celebrate Holi this year with your family and friends. Not only, one gets to experience the fun and charm which are unique to these places but also take with themselves the memories and experiences of a lifetime.

March 29, 2021: Counted as one of the major Hindu festivals, Holi is celebrated not just in India but all across the world. Holi usually falls around the months of March or April and this year, we will be welcoming Holi on March 28 and 29. It is also known as the festival of love and the festival of colours as well as the festival of spring at many places. Now, even though the festive vibes of Holi are the same everywhere, yet there are a few places which are considered the best places to celebrate Holi.

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Best places to celebrate Holi

Holi is a spring festival which celebrates the onset of spring, marking the end of winters and also the beginning of summers. Holi celebrated the harvest season and is highly significant as it denotes prosperity, growth and harmony.

Holi begins from the night of Purnima that is on auspicious Full moon night and carries on to the next day.

The night before Holi is called as Holika Dahan or Choti Holi where people gather together around bonfires and make offerings to it while praying for abundance and prosperity.

Holi is known by different names across different regions such as Phagwah, Dola Purnima, Rangwali Holi, Shigmo, Dhuleti, Manjal Kuli, Yaosang, Ukuli, Dhulandi and so on.

While Holi is renowned as the festival of colours, where people wish each other with colours, and exchange sweets.

They play together with coloured water using water guns and also coloured dyes which are also called gulals. Here are a few places you should once at least during Holi to experience the festive vibes.

The best places to celebrate Holi in India which you must attend at least once

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Santiniketan, Bengal

Visiting the kand of Rabindranath Tagore, will give you the true colours of Holi, welcoming spring, by people clad in yellow clothes mostly, playing traditional instruments and singing and dancing to the tunes of the bard.

Dol, as is known as Bengal, is all the way more special here because of the grand cultural event of Basanta Utsav.

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Starting initially with Tilak to then covering your face totally with gulal, that’s the style of Delhi.

Here you get the modern and peppy vibes of Holi celebrations, intoxicated with the taste of glasses full of bhaang.

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One of the most charming and loveliest places in India, Hampi gives you the typical South Indian feel with its gorgeous temples, traditions and ethnic celebrations of Holi.

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The city blesses you with a divine and royal vibe when one comes here to celebrate Holi.

The amazing palaces and the grand architectures will make sure that you are totally enchanted with this city.

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Mathura, one of the best places to celebrate Holi

Well, it’s our beloved Krishna’s birth place so you can already imagine the godly celebrations taking place here.

Cheering to traditional music, tales, cuisines, prasad and bhang, Mathura gives you the absolute Holi vibe.



With yellow and orange hues flooding the sky and ground, the air is filled with the tempting aromas of gulal and sweets with the holy rituals which are carried out in the temples. Baldeo marks the best place for true cultural and ethnic Holi celebrations.

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Starting from Bhajans in the day to Bollywood party songs at night, the sacred city of Pushkar gives you a complete divine feel during the morning, and a full party sensation in the evenings where people are immersed in throwing colours at each other thoroughly.

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Be it jalebi or gujiya, Varanasi had everything you need for your Holi celebrations.

One of the most sacred and holiest cities of India, Varanasi gives you the opportunity to be showered with the heavenly blessings and of course the absolute fun of Holi.

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A place where one will find everyone playing Holi, starting from kids to oldies, a serene place where people enjoy the Holi celebrations by applying gulals on each other, sharing sweets, visiting gurudwaras and relishing the authentic taste of lassi with other traditional sweets.

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Manipur, one of the best places to celebrate Holi

With the Yaoshang Festival going on, Manipur celebrates Holi uniquely with the brightening ambience of folk songs, tales, folk dances, cultural music and storytelling with glitter lamps and bonfires where people come together, sharing oneness among themselves in this divine festivity.

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While one can celebrate Holi at their own places among their family and close ones, yet visiting these places at least once in your lifetime, especially during the festival of Holi is a must.

Not only does one get to experience the fun and charm which are unique to these places but also take with themselves the memories and experiences of a lifetime.

By Namasya Nandini Swain


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