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Bamboo charcoal – Multi-faceted and versatile

Bamboo charcoal or activated charcoal not only acts as a fuel but also has other properties. Its usefulness is beyond gauging.

Bamboo charcoal originates from bits of bamboo plants, harvested after at least five years, and burned in broilers at temperatures extending from 800 to 1200°C. It benefits in protecting the environment by lessening toxin buildup, by being an ecologically utilitarian material, including great assimilation properties.

It has a Chinese background, with records dated as early as 1486 during the Ming tradition in Chuzhou Fu Zhi. This was also noticed during the Qing line, at the time of rulers Kangxi, Qianlong, and Guangxu.

Bamboo charcoal made using pyrolysis process. What is it?

Pyrolysis is derived from the words “pyro” and “lysis” meaning fire and separating respectively. It is a process of thermal decomposition of materials at high temperatures in an inert atmosphere. It involves in a change of chemical composition of the materials.

It can be classified into two — crude charcoal and Briquette charcoal.

Crude bamboo charcoal is made of bamboo plant parts, for example, culms, branches, and roots. On the other hand, briquette charcoal is made of bamboo buildup, like bamboo dust, saw powder and compacting the buildup into sticks of specific shapes and carbonising the sticks.

There are two measures utilised in carbonisation, one is a block furnace measure, and the other is a mechanical cycle.

Major uses of Bamboo Charcoal

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Bamboo Charcoal As a Fuel

In China and Japan, numerous individuals use bamboo charcoal as cooking fuel. Bamboo briquette charcoal is mostly used as fuel, and the rest is crude bamboo charcoal. Like all charcoal, it decontaminates water and wipes out organic polluting impurities and smells.


It is used to treat chlorine-disinfected drinking water with it to eliminate leftover chlorine and chlorides.

Bamboo vinegar

Bamboo vinegar (called pyroligneous corrosive) is separated during creation, and is helpful for several medicines in many fields. It contains around 400 substance mixes and has numerous applications, remembering for beauty-care products, bug sprays, antiperspirants, food handling, and farming.

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Bamboo Charcoal in Beauty products

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It is a characteristic shed for the skin that eliminates dead cells, showing up to be more beneficial. It makes you beautiful outside as well as inside. Dead skin cells effectively attract germs, which can easily enter the pores and cause contamination under the epidermis. This can cause various medical issues.

Using bamboo charcoal-based cleanser or a shower powder is an incredible method to get rid of these. Bamboo charcoal is also helpful when absorbed in shower water. It discharges significant minerals including calcium, potassium and magnesium that infiltrate your skin and enter the circulation system.

Activated charcoal can help you glam up your skin. It works well to keep your skin oil-free, yet soft and supple. It has similar effect on hair too, and can be used as masks to treat oiliness of hair.

Domestic usage of bamboo charcoal

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Picture courtesy: Deutsche Welle

It acts as an anti-perspirant and deodorizer for foul-scent zones of the house, like pantries, squander containers, garbage cans and the sink wardrobes.

It can be used instead of heating cola drinks to clean surfaces. It eliminates microscopic organisms from food and other products. Many property holders use it for purifying their water tankers. You will easily come across water containers and purifiers that use bamboo charcoal channels.

These were some of the numerous uses of bamboo charcoals. When are you getting some for yourself?

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