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26-year-old Odia artist follows passion despite a handicap

Differently-abled artists have a unique sense of art and their willpower to go on is inspirational. Odia Prabhakar Pradhan - Artist follows passion despite a handicap and is bouncing back amazingly after he lost both hands in train accident.

Bhubaneswar, September 17: Prabhakar Pradhan, a 26-year-old artist follows passion despite a handicap. However, that didn’t stop him from chasing his passion – his love for painting.

Odia artist follows passion despite a handicap

The young artist from Odisha suffered a major tragedy when he lost both hands in a train accident. However, that did not stop this young artist from following his passion of painting.

“In 2012, I lost both of my hands in a train accident. But I have been painting since childhood, so I love doing it. I face many challenges while holding the brush and painting, but I still do it,” Prabhakar told news agency ANI.

Artist follows passion despite a handicap, gets awarded

He has also received many awards since his childhood, including being facilitated by the district collector. “I have even been awarded ₹5,000 by the district collector for a painting in childhood,” Pradhan told reporters.

Image: ANI

Specialises in painting idols

The 26-year-old artist specialises in painting different idols like Ganesha, Krishna, Jagannath, Saraswati, and landscapes on everyday items like bottles, cups, pots. “I paint decorative items like portraits of Lord Jagannath on pots, flowers and sceneries on bottles, cups etc,” he said.

Since the accident, Pradhan is faced with unique set of problems – like one painting takes 40-50 minutes for him to finish. But that hasn’t deterred Pradhan. He believes that all people need to conquer challenges is will power, and if people to believe in their talent and continue to work hard they will achieve success.

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Other differently-abled artists in India who are making it big

Sheela Sharma is a talented foot artist. After losing her hands and almost a foot in a train accident, Sheela came across an artist in Delhi who used to paint without hands. This is what inspired her to give a shot at painting with her foot. She quotes M.F. Hussain and Amrita Sher-Gil as her influences. She often depicts emotions like empathy, love, and bonding.

C.V. Surendran has been on a wheelchair since the age of 14 due to a neuromuscular disease. But this hasn’t come in his way. Surendran uses ballpoint pens for his art. He draws complex landscapes with figures, animals, etc. He takes two or three months to complete each painting.

Shivraj Singh, who is affected by polio, is a famous sculptor. His works have been featured in prestigious galleries across the country. He has conducted a variety of workshops for children. His art is abstract at times. He draws inspiration from African tribal sculptures.

Written by: Aankur Pradhan


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