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Looking like Hitler’s toothbrush moustache? Amazon tweaked its logo

Amazon tweaked its logo after users critcised that the blue strip above the arrow symbol bears resemblance to Adolf Hitler's moustache

Mumbai, March 3, 2021:  After receiving negative comments for its previous design, e-commerce giant Amazon has tweaked its logo. Amazon has tweaked the design of its new phone app logo after the netizens compared their earlier logo with Adolf Hitler’s moustache.

Amazon had recently changed the logo or phone app symbol.

 The new app logo has a brown box, which resembles a packaging box with an adhesive blue strip, appears to be a tape above its signature arrow symbol.

Image: BBC

However, within weeks after Amazon changed its app symbol, some users criticized that the blue strip above the arrow symbol resembles Adolf Hitler’s moustache.

Amazon tweaked its logo

The e-commerce company had to introduce minute changes to its app logo after user pointed out that the blue strip resembles Adolf Hitler’s moustache.

Amazon had introduced a change in their logo in a handful of international markets in January.

The initial logo had ditched the company’s name and had the company’s signature arrow in the shape of a smile. The logo resembled a parcel with a blue strip that looks like packaging tape above the smile.

After users pointed out that the blue strip resembles the toothbrush moustache of Adolf Hitler.

“I completely missed that Amazon quietly tweaked its new icon to make it look… less like Hitler,” wrote Alex Hern, technology editor for the Guardian, on Twitter.

Amazon tweaked its logo after negative comments 

After the netizen pointed out the similarity with Hitler’s moustache, Amazon tweaked the logo of their new app, replacing the blue ribbon. Users of the Amazon Shopping app will now see a brown box design with a blue-coloured strip of tape on it.

The new icon, the first design change in more than five years, replaces the shopping cart and ditches the word ‘Amazon,’ but displays the company’s smiling arrow logo more prominently. The blue tape looks like its being torn off, as if opening the package.

“We designed the new icon to spark anticipation, excitement, and joy when customers start their shopping journey on their phone, just as they do when they see our boxes on their door step,” an Amazon spokesperson said.

Image: Creative Blog

New icon for Amazon 

Only iOS users in the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy and Netherlands saw the Hitler-esque logo over the past few weeks.

The updated logo rolled out worldwide for iOS users last week. Android users will see the new logo beginning this week.

Recently, the popular online shopping site Myntra changed its logo after a woman activist filed a complaint against the logo’s resemblance to a “naked woman”.

The company incorporated slight variations to their logo after a complaint was lodged against it. Although the comparison seemed absurd to a vast majority, the company did not risk its reputation and hence implicated slight changes. 

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Written by: Anwesha Mishra


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