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30 Rojullo Premunchatam Ela: Predictability killed the cat!

30 Rojullo Premunchatam Ela has finally hit the theatres after sliding down during the pandemic. The much awaited film, however, did not live up to expectations and lacked soul and depth in the story.

30 Rojullo Premunchatam Ela has finally reached the theatres after sliding down during the pandemic. The much-awaited Telugu film did not deliver the expected performance and lacked soul and depth in the story.

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30 Rojullo Premunchatam Ela: The plot

The movie opens with romanticism with a song in the rural hinterlands of Andhra Pradesh where a couple is deeply in love with each other. Abbaigaru (Pradeep Machiraju) loves wrestling but Ammaigaru (Amritha Aiyer) refuses to let him be what he wants to. It’s not long before issues begin to crop up between the two of them, eventually leading towards heartbreak.

Like many south stories this also has the story of rebirth. Many centuries later, the couple is reborn as college students Arjun and Akshara and although the world is different, their hatred for each other remains intact. The movie revolves around how destiny conspires to make these two people fall in love with each other over the course of 30 days makes for the rest of the film.

For a while, it seems like 30 Rojullo Premunchatam Ela seems to be going in the right direction, but the film is undone by its predictability.

The Tom and Jerry games of the lead actors is very outdated and feels cringe at every turn. Debutant director Munna Dhulipudi opts for the tried and tested route at every step of the way, be it the bickering between the lead pair, the lack-lustre college comedy, or the supernatural track where a bearded baba gathers the lead pair and gives them a history lesson about their real existence in a different life.

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Thumbs down

There are clear gaps in the screenplay and the views will struggle to connect the dots as it jumps from one scene to the next without connection. The emotional scenes seem too overrated and fake and also fail to make an impact. The film is of 2 hours and 23 minutes but it makes you to leave the movie in between.

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Thumbs up

The music of 30 Rojullo Premunchatam Ela saves itfrom drowning. Anup Rubens also contributes to make the movie average. The song Neeli Neeli Aakasham, in particular, is an ear worm and its picturisation is breathtaking.

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30 Rojullo Premunchatam Ela: The actors

Pradeep Machiraju, is an established anchor on TV shows and now is trying to make a mark on the big screen too. He puts in a strong performance and his role in the second half has a whole different side to it. In both the part he proved his versatility with elan.

Amritha Aiyer looks good but the poorly written character is thumbs down and is a minus for her.

30 Rojullo Preminchatam Ela is not really worth a watch. Ithas its heart in the right place but with too many gaps in its narrative, an old fashioned storyline and very usual and predictable plot; it doesn’t have enough in it to draw people to the theatres amid the pandemic.

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