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25 years of DDLJ: The longest-running Bollywood movie

‘Cult classic’, ‘longest-running Hindi film’, and ‘most iconic Bollywood romance’, are just some of the oft-repeated phrases that one of India’s biggest blockbusters of all time, Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, is commonly associated with, and rightly so. This year, the iconic movie completes 25 years of running.

How often has it happened that a movie filled with utmost romance and passion ends up being an ideal romantic couple for almost the entire nation and continues to be so even after 25 years of its airing? You have probably guessed that we are talking about 25 years of DDLJ here

Aditya Chopra’s debut film Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge gave us one of the most celebrated onscreen couples of Bollywood, Raj (Shah Rukh Khan) and Simran (Kajol).

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Released on October 19, 1995, the film became one of the blockbuster hits of Hindi cinema. This was Aditya Chopra’’s first film as a director.

The Shahrukh Khan-Kajol starrer won 10 awards at the 41st Filmfare. The film is the longest running film of Indian cinema. It has been running for over 1,000 weeks at the Maratha Temple Theater in Mumbai. A show of the film can still be seen in the Maratha temple.

‘Cult classic’, ‘longest-running Hindi film’, and ‘most iconic Bollywood romance’, are just some of the oft-repeated phrases that one of India’s biggest blockbusters of all-time, Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, is commonly associated with.

As the movie marked its silver jubilee in Bollywood, here are 10 astonishing facts about 25 years of DDLJ you’ll be thrilled to know about the production (beyond the fact that it’s been running in Mumbai’s Maratha Mandir for 23 years now).

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These little details about the movie may just inspire you to watch the movie all over again tonight, and change the way you interpret some of its most-loved scenes.

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1.The film’s title was the brainchild of veteran actor Kirron Kher.

“When Kirron suggested Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, everyone thought it was too long. Shah Rukh was not happy with it. But Adi was thrilled. He even credited Kirron in the opening titles of the film,” Anupam Kher once revealed in an interview. The name of the movie comes from the song Le Jayenge Le Jayenge from 1974 film Chor Machaye Shor.

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2. Several landmark scenes in the movie were improvised.

Raj dropping Simran on the ground during Ruk Ja O Dil Deewane was always part of the choreography—except Kajol didn’t know about it. That shell-shocked expression on her face at the end of the song was a genuine reaction.

3.The classic pigeon-feeding scene was also spontaneous

One of the most-remembered clips of the film, which showed Amrish Puri and Shah Rukh Khan feeding birds together, was winged by the latter while the camera was already rolling.

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4. Raj and Simran’s car ride through Zurich included a special backseat guest

Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol weren’t the only two enjoying a ride through Zurich’s stunning landscape in the former’s cherry red convertible. Director Aditya Chopra, who wanted to monitor the scene closely, was actually lying across the car’s backseat during all the romantic scenes.

5. The film’s main track faced a rough patch while filming

According to reports, the crew of the film faced a little trouble while shooting for Tujhe Dekha Toh Yeh Jaana Sanam. The filming, which took place in a village in Haryana, apparently upset the residents who owned the plot where part of the song was being shot.

 Shah Rukh Khan (quite heroically) stepped in to chat with the land owners and iron out the issues.

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6. Shah Rukh Khan was not the original choice for Raj Malhotra

It’s hard to believe now, but Bollywood’s certified ‘King of Romance’ was only offered the film after Saif Ali Khan.

But the true original choice for the film was a Hollywood star. Aditya Chopra hoped to see Tom Cruise play the role of Raj, but the idea was turned down by his father Yash Chopra.

7. Several important scenes from Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge were inspired by Hollywood films

DDLJ took inspiration from not one, but two international films that we know of. While the iconic palat scene was a copy from In The Line Of Fire (1993), the bit where Raj helps Simran’s aunt pick out a sari took cues from the 1957 film Witness For The Prosecution.

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8. Kajol was not entirely sure about shooting Mere Khwabon Mein Jo Aaye

One of Kajol’s very first scenes in Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge saw her dancing around her room in a fluffy towel, and nothing else. The actor was quite hesitant about shooting a song in the fresh-out-of-a-shower look, but the scenes eventually became some of her most-loved by fans.

9. Shah Rukh is more like Raj in real life than you may think.

Though at first, Khan wasn’t entirely fond of Raj’s personality, he did go on record later to admit that he changed his mind, and actually finds Raj quite similar to himself. “90 percent of the character of Raj is like me,” the star revealed.

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10. In honour of 25 years of DDLJ, a statue of the lead pair will be unveiled in London

As the longest-running Indian film clocks 25 years on October 20, Heart of London Business Alliance has announced that a bronze statue of the lead pair will be unveiled in London’s Leicester Square, reports mid-day.

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